Archive: June, 2011

How to make meetings work for you

I’m often asked to chair or facilitate meetings. Given the nature of the CHC’s work, people attending the meetings often come from different organisations and different functions with in those organisations. To make things more complicated, I may not have met them before the meeting. For example, I was asked to chair couple of  meetings this week with directors from the client. I’ve only recently met the directors and their teams so it was challenging assignment. I learnt a lot about them from the way they interacted with each other and am now in a better position to delivery the desired output.

I was interested to read Alison Smith’s recent blog in Supply Management (How to make meetings work for you, 2 June) where she shares tips to get everyone in the right mood. Alison recognises that people have different moods or states of mind and these can help or hinder achieving the desired outcome. I’m a strong believer in ice breakers for team meetings; the team members enjoy doing an activity together, they get the chance to put day to day issues to one side and become more creative. Here are Alison’s 2 strategies:

  • Ask the attendees what states would be useful to achieve the outcome, and use this list as a reminder throughout the meeting when other less helpful states appear.
  • Ask attendees to each pick one from a selection of beneficial states for them to be responsible for bringing into the meeting, or even ask them to share a time in the past when they’ve expressed that state.

I’ve put Alison’s suggestions into action and found that the meeting was much more productive. The attendees were a bit fazed at the beginning but welcomed the new approach and made a greater contribution. And we managed to have a few laughs.

Bristol Water whets appetite for more deals

Given CHC’s experience in the water industry, it was interesting to read in the Financial Times today that Citigroup has been appointed to advise on the possible sale of Bristol Water (Bristol Water whets appetite for more deals, 9 June 2011). According to the FT, Agbar, the Spanish water specialist majority owned by Suez Environnement, should get £370m for the utility. If the sale is successful, then it will be the first deal in the privatised UK industry since the financial crisis and may mark the start of a fresh round of acquisitions.,Authorised=false.html?