Archive: July, 2011

Networking in procurement

Networking is an important aspect of my professional life and something that I enjoy so I’m surprised when people recoil from it.  Despite the growth of networking sites like LinkedIn and events by organisations like CIPS I find a lot of people who still feel that networking is about being pushy or self promoting, particularly junior procurement professionals or those that have been in the procurement profession for a long time. The lack of experience outside the procurement profession and regular contact with over familiar sales people perhaps blinds them to the potential benefits of meeting new and different people in a professional capacity.

I was interested to read the recently published article called “In with the in crowd” in the Summer 2011 edition of CPO Agenda which outlines the benefits and gives some tips. The benefits highlighted include improving market knowledge, raising the profile of procurement and improving the chances of getting a better job.  There are tips about developing a strategy and combining face-to-face and online networking. It’s a short article and well worth a read.