Archive: September, 2011

CIPS SM Awards 2011

CHC would like to congratulate all those who won awards at the CIPS Supply Management Awards on Wednesday night, particularly the Olympic Delivery Authority who were the overall winners. CHC would also like to recognise all those that entered but were unsuccessful. It take a lot of time and effort to enter and it is disappointing to not to walk off with an award. CIPS vice president David Smith provided the music, while comedian Miranda Hart provided the laughs. The Grosvenor House Hotel is a spectacular venue and it was a great evening.

One bad apple spoils the bunch

Most large companies use hundreds of suppliers located around the world. It is hard for companies to keep track of these suppliers and the damage that they might be doing. Big brands are often targeted by campaigners so Apple was in familiar straits this week when it faced accusations that some of its Chinese contractors were polluting the environment. Ironically, brands can be damaged much more quickly now than in the past due to the success of smart phones such as the iPhone. Michael Skapinker highlights the risks of suppliers not adhering to recognised standards in his article in the FT yesterday called “Time for Apple to open up its factories”.

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