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CIPS Supply Management Awards 2012

CHC would like to congratulate all those who won awards at the CIPS Supply Management Awards on Wednesday night, particularly NATO who were the overall winners. CHC thought that Surry County Council’s application was impressive and deserved the awards for Best People Development and Best Public Procurement Project. Miles Jupp, who has appeared in BBC2’s hit comedies “Rev” and “The Thick of It” as well as on the big screen in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” did a great job as host. Once again, The Grosvenor House Hotel was a spectacular venue.

What is SRM?

When I discuss supplier relationship management I find that everyone has got an opinion but there is little agreement about the definition, how to deploy it successfully or the benefits. I was interested to read David Atkinson’s blog that sets out 10 guiding principles of SRM. My top 3 are as follows:

  1. SRM is the systematic creation and capture of post-contract value from key business relationships
  2. It requires recognition that ‘relationships’ are not an end in themselves. Successful relationships are an outcome and, for the buyer, that outcome can be measured in value terms
  3. It is as much about driving-up day-to-day operational performance as innovation and joint value creation

Clients and stakeholder are always interested in benefits so its worth mentioning that  organisations that deploy SRM successfully report additional value benefits of 2% of total spend, right through to more than 40% from specific relationships.