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More on “Let the games begin”

The article in Supply Management published in January called “Let the games begin” has received a very positive response. I’d like to thank all those people who commented for their interesting and supportive feedback. Below is a selection of the comments:

“The most interesting and well-written article I’ve read on the subject of Procurement for a long time.”

Andy Hepworth (18/01/2013)

“Great article- very interesting stuff- I’ve read a bit about it before. A very good example is from the TV show “Golden Balls”- worth a look if you haven’t seen it!”

Keith Bailey (21/01/2013)

“Interesting article Angus, a bit more sophistication in the Procurement profession is a good thing!”

Jamie Ogilvie-Smals (21/01/13)

“Fantastic! Definitely an interesting article and I’m sure the content and ideas will come up with some of our clients.”

Robin Mason (22/01/13)

“Angus, that’s a very good article, very new angle of view in procurement. And thanks for sharing the link for video with “prisoner’s dilemma”. Good luck! Sergei

Sergei Ilin (22/01/2013)

“An interesting article. I agree with the general gist of the article as the move one person makes has an impact on the response of the other…but the issue comes from whether it is zero-sum or not. That is where the academic part comes in, and most of Andrew Cox’s views, and you address the willingness to take a loss in some areas to gain in other (rather than the easier, if you move on this then I’ll move on that) in your supermarket example with is non-zero sum. Here, depending on your product mix, you can adjust the outcome of the game in a non-zero sum manner. Either way – good article.”

Jeremy Smith (22/01/13)

“This is a brilliant article – well done!!”

Richard Nixon (22/01/13)

“There is an excellent book (fiction) by Mark Chisnell called The Defector which is based on the prisoner’s dilemma. I also remember Jeannie Bevan (past CIPS president & first female president) using this example in an article she wrote in 1988 when we were both at Price Waterhouse! Which shows that strategic thinking in Procurement is well established.”

Sue Thompson (24/01/2013)

“Interesting article, definitely a topic of conversation for us with client and candidates alike.”

Samatha Clift (25/01/13)

“A very interesting article and one which has inspired me to read further into the area. Can anyone advise of anything further published in this area?”

Rich Arm (28/01/2013)

“I actually wanted to read more, an excellent article.. ..can he write a book on game theory?”

Jo Diep (31/01/2013)

“I read the article and although I thought the arguments around Category Management a bit light overall I found it very interesting and I like the idea of using a process that can withstand challenge rather than a ‘we brainstormed this for an afternoon please trust us it’ll be OK’ approach – very good + I hope you get the chance to regularly develop and apply the ideas in practice.”

John Langley (04/02/13)

Note: Suggested further reading includes Game Theory. Analysis of conflict by Roger B Myerson and Fun and Games: A Text on Game Theory by  Ken Binmore.