What we offer

CHC offers our clients three levels of service, depending on needs and budget.

  1. Full in-house consultancy
    Following the Planning, Transition, Optimisation (PTO) methodology, a dedicated resource will lead the post-merger activity and ensure that disruption is minimised and savings are maximised. This includes stakeholder management, data gathering and analysis, negotiation, process review and design, supplier communications and training. If required, additional resources are available from CHC’s network of associates.
  1. In-house training and coaching
    Experienced trainers will deliver a training programme tailored to your needs. This can be done over one day or two days, at your premises or an external training facility for groups of 4 to 12 people.
    The coaching approach will be tailored to the needs of the individual. This can be done face-to-face or over the phone, on a regular basis or on demand.
  1. A free of charge, 30-minute consultation to help you shape your thinking around your organisation’s needs.

How will you benefit from our service?

CHC will help you minimise the disruption to your organisation and supply chain while providing you with a robust process to identify savings. We have developed our best-practice approach – based on the Planning, Transition, Optimisation (PTO) methodology– over 15 years working with blue-chip organisations, so you can trust our techniques to work.

We can advise our clients on:

  • Planning for post-acquisition procurement integration
  • Transition management for procurement
  • Optimisations through:
    • spend analysis and opportunity assessment
    • category-based sourcing, contract negotiation and e-Auctions
    • process and policy development, skills training and deployment
    • organisational assessment, development, design and deployment
    • supplier relationship and risk management.

To read about our work in practice, visit Clients.

What people say

“I worked with Angus at Nationwide. He brought a wealth of experience and a sense of humour, which really helped the team tackle some significant challenges. He's a great person to work with and I would happily recommend him.”

Ian Miller, Category Manager, IT, Nationwide Building Society